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Company Name : Kapable
Company Type : Startup
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Kapable aims to make young learners 21st century ready. We help kids & teens think better, speak better & work better. We have developed a unique holistic 21st-century relevant curriculum that integrates literacy, learning & life skills in one course. We want the future generation of India to have skills that matter. Instead of rote learning & focusing on marks, we want them to be able to solve problems, think outside the box, adapt to changing times & be future leaders. Every day we are working to achieve one simple goal - equip all young learners with 21st-century skills. Today, we are privileged to have crafted learning journeys for thousands of students across 40 cities in India & 10+ countries internationally. We are looking to reach millions of students worldwide. For that, we need people who have the right blend of skills, passion & purpose.
Industry Sector Education