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Company Name : Chiprex
Company Type : Private
Location : Kolkata - India
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Company Description We Focus On Ultimate Sophistication Providing Elegant Logistics Solutions For Customers' Needs. At Chiprex, we provide solutions delivering innovative transportation and logistics solutions that are vital to the success of the companies and people we serve. We’ve built our business on three core values: commitment to our customers, dedication to excellence and innovative thinking. Provide your business—small or large—with leasing solutions by developing new processes that meet your unique and ever evolving needs. We are a global provider of logistics, transportation and distribution services. We address transportation and logistics challenges facing individuals, small companies, and complex multinational organizations. We aim to emerge as the torchbearer in the logistics industry. Our vision is to establish Chiprex as the most grounded worldwide logistics & supply chain management company as a trusted partner to all our clients. We envision to surpass our success & customer loyalty level year by year. Chiprex has always been values-driven. Our shared values guide our actions that help us make a difference. These values continue to direct the growth and business of Chiprex.
Industry Sector Travel & Tourism