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Company Name : Rupal
Company Type : Startup
Location : Bhubaneshwar - India
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Company Description Bringing a new revolution in the field of fashion and designing, where we feel the need of providing a customized look to our customers as they always wanna be unique. When people suffer and waste all there time in finding a perfect fitting tailor and designer in there surrounding , we take an order from website, app as well as on phone where people by sitting in home can rely on us and book a visit where our fashion expert will take the measurements at home and stitch and deliver back at home again. It is a B2C business plan where we solely focus on customer satisfaction and try to give shape to there dream wear. We plan to reach and target every age of customers & make the booking experience or platform very easy and comfortable . We provide service in tailoring wedding attire & alterations, all types of Indian wears and attires, couture & maternity alterations , etc both for men as well as women. In today's market where everyone is competing in the selling of clothes and dresses or sarees, we act as an unique venture to give these fashion a proper shape and quality.
Industry Sector Fashion and Apparels