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Company Name : Pinchmate
Company Type : Startup
Location : Gurgaon - India
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Company Description We have been using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc almost every day, for more than a decade, there's nothing wrong with it. But we often end up with mindless scrolling, seeing random content on our feeds, sometimes feeling sad or a bit depressed thinking everyone else's life is better than ours, or sometimes you just don't know what to tweet or what to post. That's where Pinchmate comes in. Picnhmate is the new social network that focuses majorly on creating a more peaceful, productive, and meaningful network around your hobbies, interests, skills, talents, and things that matter to you. You can share your thoughts, opinions, artworks, views, etc across 200+ curated lists of hobbies and interests. From baking to gardening, to movie reviews, to recitations, to books, to comics, to life lessons, parenting, to pets you have it all in Pinchmate. Here you get a customized feed based on your interests and discover relevant content and reach a relevant audience easily. You can also discover people with similar interests in your city or across the globe and make meaningful connections and friends Pinchmate is live on the Android play store ( and coming soon on iOS. To know more visit
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