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Company Name : ISHY
Company Type : Startup
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description I.SHY' or 'If Somebody Hears You' is a true Virtual friend for all. It is an online platform through which a person having any kind of trouble ranging from serious to super-serious problems can come to I.SHY and talk the situation through it. I.SHY as a complete confidential and anonymous platform where anyone can ask or discuss anything without being self-conscious. I.SHY will be operating without disclosing any information about it's clients or the persons operating it. The users can discuss their situation privately with I.SHY in complete anonymity. I.SHY will help them cope with tough times ranging from work stress, relationship, self-image, exam stress to self-mutilation, drug addiction and many more. It will support them in their quest for self-improvement or just be the someone somebody wants to talk to !
Industry Sector Communication