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Company Name : Influencer Saga
Company Type : Startup
Location : Other - Gujarat - India
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Company Description We thrive to take businesses online and making an influencer reach a larger audience. Our services include web development, web design, advertising, marketing & graphic design. We prioritize quality content and client satisfaction. Greetings from Influencer’s Saga(IS). We as a company plan to become one of the top agencies in the fraternity of influencer management. We would like to tell you that being one of our members, opens you up to new opportunities on a high scale. We will bring clients to you who would otherwise be unaware of your existence. We provide the bridge between YouTube Influencer and the brands who want to advertise with them. The flow will be simple; when you signup to us you become part of our agency. As soon as a client with requirements that match with you comes up; we shall on behalf of you negotiate and come up with a deal that will fulfil all your demands as well as the clients. The only downside for you in this is in the scenario that you didn’t signup with us. You will miss out on major deals and opportunities in that case. For any more details and for further knowledge you can signup for our newsletter or reply to the email(address in contacting us) and let us know. Looking forward to work with and for you.
Industry Sector Information Technology