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Company Name : Phoshionpedia
Company Type : Startup
Location : Noida - India
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Company Description Phoshionpedia Production is a Surat based Media Production Company founded by a lensman, driven by passion and intrigue whilst going hand in hand with client and brand requirement. All about communicating between humans, today we live in a chaotic digital scenario where a business plan could stay as such for the entire year or may require to be changed within couple of days. Hence, we work with agility as per the paradigm shift. Originally seeded with photography, blog and film making as our base. Today photography, film, design and their conglomerate creative solution are fuel to the fire to stay ahead in the quest for a commercial success keeping a balance between bravery and smartness. Our motive is to create an idea for a brand and successfully converge it into a positive prospect across all platforms of visual medium under guidance and intelligence of one core creator.
Industry Sector Event Management