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Company Name : Health Click Away
Company Type : Startup
Location : Houston - U.S.A
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Company Description Health Click Away at its core is an app designed and created to give every individual a chance to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Health Click Away believes that fitness and proper nutrition are integral to an individual’s wellness. The app’s numerous user- friendly features make it one of the best health and fitness apps out there. From meal planning and finding healthy recipes to calorie counting and fitness tracking it’s all just a click away. By being a part of the community, you get to share and learn from other like minded health enthusiasts too. At Health Click Away, the team of Health and Fitness Coaches and dedicated Nutritionists work with clients, to help them achieve their health goals. With the added feature of online consultations, a client can connect with a Coach anytime anywhere. The app is built to encourage clients to make health and fitness a priority everyday.
Industry Sector Other