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Company Name : Alchem International
Company Type : Startup
Location : Delhi - India
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Company Description Alchemlife-A brief Introduction Alchem Phytoceuticals (under the umbrella of ‘ Alchem life’ ) is the Phytomedicine division of Alchem International Pvt.Ltd , global leaders in high-quality phytochemicals and herbal extracts.Alchem Phytoceuticals is a fast growing company specializing in the research and development of natural healthcare solutions derived from medicinal plants, for lifestyle and treating long prevailing ailments. These healthcare solutions use modern science and technology to traditional herbal cures culminating in the creation of an array of medicines in the Phytomedicines space . Phytomedicines is a science based on medical practice of plant derived system of medicine with assured reproducible pharmacological activity. This science is clinically proven, with preventive and therapeutic health benefits and no or minimal side effects” We have our launched AlchemLife with a range of phytomedicines for a broad spectrum of cares like Joint care, Women care, abdominal care etc.
Industry Sector Medical & Pharma/Pharmacy