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Company Name : Nano Serendipity
Company Type : Startup
Location : Mumbai - India
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Company Description We, at Nano Serendipity Consortium Pvt. Ltd. are dynamic “Global technology organization” with a vision of executing “Nanotechnology education and technology transfer focusing on “employability skills, applications & sustainable development”. We have highly accomplished award winning scientists and entrepreneurs on our advisory board. VISION: · Innovative Technology Transfer with Nanotechnology applications in various industries by overcoming challenges in their areas of operations, making it cost effective and energy efficient. Ex: Hotels, Real Estate, Automobiles, Internet of things / IoT, Cosmetics, Food, Jewellery, Carbon black Nano-diamonds, Fabrics, Agriculture, Solar Energy, Digital Heath/Healthcare/ Pharma, Cancer, Defense, Aviation, Electronics, Robotics, Sports, etc. Achievements: We were invited for a Nanotechnology Symposium at the Harvard University, USA. We have Nanotechnology working products procured by esteemed branded clients onboard, with successful Nanotechnology transfer in leading 5 star Hotels and luxurious Real Estate industries in India, through our initiative.
Industry Sector General Management