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Company Name : OTM Foods
Company Type : Startup
Location : Mumbai - India
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Company Description The food industry in India, especially for the masses has been deprived off the innovation and quality delicacies for ages now. We, at OTM Foods intend to create a sustainable FMCG based business model whereby we aim to channelize our resources in creating high quality yet cost effective food delicacies that have never been seen or experienced and make it available to all the classes, and the masses at large. The USP of the brand lies in its intention to innovate and bring seemingly unconventional food ingredients together to place foodstuffs in the Indian palette that are off the menu, hence the name. Besides, the main objective of this venture is to create an Indian FMCG brand which will be known for constant innovation and high quality. And hence our first venture is into the rather stagnant market in terms of innovation & competition, i.e. the chocolates market.
Industry Sector Agriculture & Food Engineering