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Company Name : Propulus
Company Type : Startup
Location : Hyderabad - India
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Company Description Propulus is a Nation-wide Online Student Magazine and student community that works for and with students. Bringing out fresh content in all aspects from voicing youth's opinions to imaginary stories and relationship articles, and also keeping the students up-to-date on College Events and Important Student News, Propulus stands as a leader in shaping and supporting all young minds on a single platform. What Propulus does? Encouraging students to enrich their passionate and strong arenas of talent. Weighing out Art and ink against software and boredom. Why is Propulus the best Platform? We are a platform built to bridge the like minded artists at one place, one portal. All forms of art, color, thought, Fabric meet to form Propulus. Propulus’s target- Exclusively students who are missing out on an opportunity to showcase and strengthen their evolving talents.
Industry Sector Media & Communication